Are You an Established Mission-Focused Expert, Coach, or Consultant?

New Markets, Fresh Leads,
And Your Ideal Customers
- All On Our Dime!

Boost your impact and cashflow without straining your wallet, team, or time.

You're in the business of making a difference. You've got the expertise, the experience, and the success stories…

Next on the wishlist is more impact, more growth, and more cash flow. But not at the expense of your peace of mind or the personal touch that sets your brand apart.Enter Gravy Train Capital: your behind-the-scenes partner for effortless growth. For your high-ticket offerings we fund:Lead Gen on Easy Mode: We find the eager beavers ready for the transformation you offer.
Sales Without the Slog: Our pros close the deals, aligning you with the clients you'd handpick yourself (all via text and without interfering with any sales ops you have running).
Market Expansion on Autopilot: We tap new veins of opportunity, so you don't have to.
Our approach is high-touch, and high-care, and a great fit for those who have something unique and special to bring to the market.

And our 100% performance model means we only succeed when you do - because we believe in delivering results, like these...

In just 69 days, we generated $1.2MM in high-ticket sales for one of our partners who was on the fence about spending big on ramping up their sales team. Turns out they didn’t need to.Can we guarantee those results for everyone? Of course not.But we’ll put our own money on the line to find out if we can bring more growth and impact for you if it looks like we're a good match.And to reduce the risk for both sides (and make sure we like each other), we start with a quick and simple test campaign to see if we can hit it out of the park for you.All you need to do? Continue to deliver that stellar program, service, or wisdom that you’re known for. We handle the hustle, connecting you with clients ready to invest between $2,000 to $50,000 in what you offer.Would you like to see your cashflow climb without spending a cent or lifting a finger?.

Maybe this is worth a conversation?

You can email us at
Karl at GravyTrainCapital dot com
Pedro at GravyTrainCapital dot com
(You know what to do with the "at" and the "dot")

Curious to know more?

Here's a case study...
We invested in, creating, and managing a stable hands-off no-cost Profit Center that added 7 Figures to a partner's annual revenue.
How we created over $1.2m in 69 days for one of our creator partners? Click here to read the case study .And if you'd like to chat with us about the possibility of Gravy Train Capital finding a little more gravy in your business go ahead and click the link to open the chat box and talk to us.I want a little more gravy from my business!

Don't have a business we can help you with? Maybe we can give you 10K USD anyway...

We'd love to give you a 10K referral fee if you can introduce a business to us that we can help to grow their impact and cashflow.Here's how to spot businesses we can help…+ They have an active list of previous buyers (people who bought something from them before).+ They’re running a funnel to a high ticket offer.+ They're currently making above 7-figures a year+ They sell several digital products or services that are creating a valuable and measurable transformation for their customers.+ Their customers LOVE them.+ You personally know a decision-maker you could put us in touch with?+ And they’d love not to lift a finger to get another 6 or 7 figures out of their business.If so, shoot us a message, and let’s chat.We’d love to hear more.And, if the partnership makes sense, and we do a test campaign with that company – your 10K referral kicks in.You’ll get 10% of our share of the revenue until we've collected the first 100K - of which you get 10% (10K).For the right introduction, this can happen in a single campaign.And if we need more than one campaign to be able to pay you your 10K (and the partnership continues successfully) we’ll keep paying you until you get to 10K.We appreciate those who help us reach our goals, and we'd love to share the spoils of victory with you.Have someone in mind you'd like to introduce?Go ahead and click the link to the chat below and mention the word "Introduction" in your first message.I'd like to introduce a business to you!

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