Are You a Mission-Focused Expert, Coach, or Consultant?

Do You Have a Fortune in
Fence-Sitters in your Funnel?

...people who went through your funnel but didn't take the plunge to buy your higher-end offerings or upsells.

Here's the thing that's (expensively) overlooked about Fence-Sitters…

Most of them haven’t said “no” to your offer.If they had said no, they wouldn’t be fence-sitters.Which means there are probably a bunch of expensive leads sitting in around in your CRM waiting to say "Yes!" to your offer...But the longer they sit there, the colder they become...If you could just engage them in an 1-on-1, heart-to-heart conversation about what made them hit pause before buying and, what brought them into your funnel in the first place...You'd probably find a whole lot of people ready to get their credit cards out and buy.And the secret is that the goal of that 1-on-1 conversation isn’t to get the sale. It’s to get the truth on the table about what your prospects need.Because that’s when both sides are on the same side of the table, and the prospect feels safe to say "Yes".

But who's got the time or team bandwidth for countless heartfelt chats?

We do.For the right businesses we can do a risk-free, cost-free, hands-free "fence-sitter campaign" to get your money back from those expensive leads.And we'll do it all phonelessly over email or chat.

Would it make sense for us to talk?

Click the link below to chat with us. In the chat window just type "Fence-Sitter" and we'll reply as soon as we can to chat about recovering your Fence Sitting leads.I want to recover my Fence Sitting leads!You can also email us at
Karl at GravyTrainCapital dot com
Pedro at GravyTrainCapital dot com
(You know what to do with the "at" and the "dot")

Curious about what else we do?

We also...Invest in, creating, and managing a stable hands-off no-cost Profit Centers that will add 6 to 7 Figures to your annual revenue.But that's something that we talk about after a successful "Fence Sitter" test campaign as a first date.(We’ve had first dates generate close to 6-figures)But if you're curious about what else we do...Here's a case study about how we created over $1.2m in 69 days for one of our creator partners? Click here to read the case study .And if you'd like to chat with us about the possibility of Gravy Train Capital finding a little more Gravy in your business go ahead and click the link to open the chat box and talk to us.I want a little more gravy from my business!

Can We Give You 10k USD?

We'd love to give you a referral fee if you can introduce a business to us that we can run a Fence-Sitter Campaign with.Here's what we're looking for.A business that...+ has an active list of previous buyers (people who bought something from them before).
+ is currently making above 7-figures a year
+ sells digital products or services and their customers LOVE them.
+ you personally know a decision-maker you could put us in touch with?
+ and they’d love not to lift a finger to get another 6 or 7 figures out of their business.
If so, shoot us a message, and let’s chat.We’d love to hear more.And, if the partnership makes sense, and we do a test campaign with that company – your 10k referral kicks in.You’ll get 10% of our share until we collect the first 100K - of which you get 10% so that's your 10K.For the right introduction, this can happen in a single campaign.And if we need more than one campaign to be able to pay you your 10K (and the partnership continues successfully) we’ll keep paying you until you get to 10K.We’re appreciate those who help us reach our goals, and we love to show it.Have someone in mind you'd like to introduce?Go ahead and click the link to the chat below and mention the word "Introduction" in your first message.I'd like to introduce a business to you!

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