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What’s the cost to your business each time you shift focus to offer a new course or service?

When you sit down to add it up, it may be a lot higher than you may realize…

The Overlooked Price of Progress:
Sleeping Assets

It's no secret that in the fast-paced world of online entrepreneurship, keeping your audience engaged and satisfied is crucial to your success.With each new course, service, or offering, you're aiming to tap into fresh revenue streams and expand your impact. But what if there’s a hidden cost to your growth that's been lurking just beneath the surface?It's the opportunity cost of shelving your successful proven offers to make room for new ones or more attractive ones.As you forge ahead, valuable revenue opportunities you leave behind become dormant- AKA Sleeping Assets.

The Challenge of Offer Juggling…

It's not always easy to keep your older offers alive without losing focus on your current ventures. Each offer requires investment and the valuable attention of your team to keep them running.Which is rough when you think about all the hard work you've invested in creating those successful offers - the time, the energy, the research, and the marketing.You've already done the heavy lifting, and probably enjoyed the fruits of your labors…Unfortunately, when it’s time to come up with something new, or to put all your eggs into a more promising revenue basket… those old faithful offers often take a back seat to the next big thing.This creates a cycle of "leaving money on the table." Which could be affecting your bottom line without you even realizing it. Over time, that money on the table can compound and lead to significant profit losses that could have been reinvested into your business, creating even greater success.As you continue to chase the next big opportunity, you may inadvertently be throttling your own growth and putting your long-term financial stability at risk.

But you’re not the only one facing this…

This happens even to the best in the industry…We’ve heard the same from our conversations with Donald Miller, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Chris Voss, Ash Maurya and Codie Sanchez to name a few…And this isn’t exclusive to big names either. We’ve worked with 300k-500k businesses that easily had the assets to reach 7 figures without changing a thing.Actually, the opportunity costs are even bigger for smaller teams because there is waaaaaaay more potential than they have capacity to handle.So…What if you could find a way to wake up those sleeping assets without taking time, energy, or resources away from your new ventures?You can… with a little help.

Awaken Your Sleeping Assets with Zero Effort or Risk…

Gravy Train Capital invests to create revenue from the opportunities in your business that you don’t have time to service or may not even be aware of.We create Hands-Free No-Cost Profit Centers in your business around assets you’ve created but don’t have time to service.Imagine having a powerful, hands-free no-cost profit center that adds 6 to 7 figures a year in revenue generation.You could free up your time and energy to focus on what truly matters to you—whether that’s scaling your business, spending time with loved ones, or finally taking that dream vacation.Oh, and you could have all that without adding any risk, investing a cent, or managing anyone.Our unique approach creates a new profit center tailored to your customer's specific needs, creating a revenue stream that grows with your business—without the added stress of hiring more team members, investing in expensive tools, or battling with competitors for market share.

Want A New No-Hassle Revenue Stream?

So, if you'd like more freedom AND more success...Gravy Train Capital will invest in, create, and manage a stable hands-off no-cost Profit Center that will add 6 to 7 Figures to your annual revenue.If you have PROVEN expertise and know you’ve got a fortune locked up in your email, direct mail, or Social Media Group audiences...But you want to focus on making an impact and serving your clients rather than adding more campaigns, hiring and managing salespeople, writing emails and content, etc...Then the Gravy Train might be the ride for you.Gravy Train Capital will invest in, create, and manage a stable hands-off no-cost profit center that will add 6-7 Figures to your annual revenue.We’ll create an additional revenue stream starting at a minimum of 10k per month without you lifting a finger, spending a cent, or training or managing anyone.Want to hear how we created over $1.2m in 69 days for one of our creator partners? Click here to read the case study and see if you have a Profit Center opportunity in your business too.Or click the link below to chat with a Gravy Train team member to see if your business has hidden profit centers waiting to be discovered.We can set up a first date AKA a test campaign in less than a week.(We’ve had first dates generate close to 6-figures)Click the link to start the chat and lets see if we can help you create a New Profit Center in your business. I want to explore the possibility of a new Profit Center.

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